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Unlock the secrets to engaging website visitors through email and turning them into customers

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Join the email revolution and convert your website visitors into customers.

We will teach you how to…

What you get:

  • An understanding of how to use email to build a strong relationship with your target audience
  • The secret to…
  • Essential tips…
  • Insider knowledge of…
  • Easy to follow video learning series

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  • Take your business to the next level
  • Grow your email subscriber list
  • Promote your specific products and services

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What Our Customer Say...

Just completed ‘A Beginners Guide to Blogging’ and feeling super excited! I am not a professional blogger, but after taking this course I really felt like I could be. I have enough confidence to now go out and blog for my business. Learned SO much! thank you!

Luke Chapman

What Out Customers Say...

Great courses for beginners as well as working professionals. I’ve started my own business this year and have been really struggling to get to grips with updating my website, but the clarity of concepts that I learned from Bob is exceptional.

Laura Pearce

What Out Customers Say...

After studying many YouTube videos for about six months my web skills were good, but I was having trouble with really getting to grips with how to put everything together and make it work. Joining Tutor Bob has really helped me make sense of everything.

Katie Bowerman

Our Tutors

Nick Amis

Nick Amis

Digital Strategist

Nick Amis is CEO and founder of Tutor Bob, and provides support for businesses and entrepreneurs in developing and implementing their digital strategy. He graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in computer science.

Course Curriculum

Discover the benefits of using email to engage your target audience, building a large list of subscribers and establish a relationship with the target audience. This course on Email Marketing is perfect for anyone and requires no prior knowledge of marketing or computing skills.
Module 1Beginners Guide
Just how important is email marketing to your business? Is it effective? How do I avoid the junk folder? We will answer these questions and more in the Beginners Guide to Email Marketing.
Unit 1Email Marketing Is Great!
Unit 2Getting Your Messages Out
Unit 3Creating Email That People Will Love
Unit 4Getting People's Attention
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