Blogging is an powerful way to share build a relationship with people. This course is designed to show novices how easy blogging can be. You will learn how to secrets to successful blogging. By the end of the course you'll be able to create a wide range of blogs that will engage with your target audience.

Module 1What is blogging?
Unit 1Introduction to Blogging
Module 2Blog Articles
Unit 1Be Useful
Unit 2Be Generous
Unit 3Be Entertaining
Unit 4Be Human
Unit 5Be Promotional
Unit 6Be Controversial
Unit 7Be Engaging
Unit 8Choose A Format
Unit 9Exercise Time
Unit 10Questions and Answers
Unit 11Quiz Time
Module 3Blogging Anatomy
Unit 1Blog Elements
Unit 2Questions and Answers
Module 4Content Creation
Unit 1Using Media
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